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Blog Trainer UK in Association with Quirky Academy

Blog Trainer UK in Association with Quirky Academy

Quirky Academy is the educational hub for Redundancy Breakthrough Specialist, Quirky Writer, Trainer, Mentor and Coach, Sandra Bellamy. Providing courses, classes, workshops, products and services, to advance and accelerate your personal and professional development. Check out www.quirkyacademy.com and see what it has to offer YOU!

Blog Trainer UK in association with Quirky Academy, brings you courses, classes, workshops, products and services in blogging, to get you ahead in business or grow you personally.

Sandra’s mission, is to develop people both personally and professionally, to achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams. By empowering them to embrace their quirky and be their authentic self, no matter what. Her embrace your quirky philosophy, is at the heart of everything she does, for business and pleasure, within her World of Quirky. Her products and services, reflects these values and beliefs.

Blog Mentoring and Blog Coaching

As part of her educational mix, Sandra has developed a unique groundbreaking Quirky Coaching formula, incorporating the 6 Principles of Quirky Coaching Success. Sandra’s Quirky Coaching is groundbreaking, because traditional coaching practises dictate you should never advise in a coaching session. However, Sandra realised from her own experience of being coached, that this does not work for everyone, and there was a gap in the market for the type of coaching she loved, that was coaching and advising all in one. Every Quirky Coaching session, you can expect to receive advice  and coaching as an all in one solution for your needs.

Quirky Mentoring can be used as part of a Quirky Coaching session and is also a stand alone service. Quirky Mentoring specialises in Quirky Mentoring reports for businesses. You will receive a report to accelerate your business and take it to the next level, without Sandra necessarily ever having to speak to you, based on the information you supply and say you need, to take your business forward.

For more details about Quirky Mentoring, visit QuirkyMentoring.com

If you live in the UK contact Sandra for Blog Mentoring or Coaching on 07932 768970 or 01392 434202

Alternatively, or if you live outside of the UK, contact her by email [email protected] or by message via http://www.facebook.com/blogtrainerUK or http://www.twitter.com/blogtrainerUK.

Sandra offers Blog Training Masterclasses for Business, Health and Happiness. Either as part of a small group, or on a one-to-one basis. For further details visit BlogTrainer.co.uk

Everything you find here, has been developed with your needs in mind, after all, YOU, are the star.

You Are The Star – Quirky Academy is all about you. It’s about accelerating your learning, your personal and professional development, to achieve the best in life.


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  • World Of Quirky is underpinned by Sandra Bellamy’s Embrace Your Quirky Philosophy

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