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World Of Quirky Owner and Founder Sandra Bellamy

World Of Quirky Owner and Founder Sandra Bellamy

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Quirky Writer, Quirky Trainer, Quirky Mentor, Quirky Coach, and Redundancy Breakthrough and Employment Success Specialist, Sandra Bellamy (also known as Quirky Books and Blog Trainer UK), World of Quirky, is Sandra’s organisation that is made up of all of her other business:

World of includes:

You can find out more about Sandra at www.sandrabellamy.co.uk

Sandra also has her own Quirky Books TV YouTube channel that is an extension of her Quirky Books Blog and covers a lot of the same topics as her blog and future Quirky Books.

  • Expect Inspiration
  • Personal and Professional Development from the heart
  • Expect not normal
  • Expect taboo
  • Except Quirky
  • Expect controversial
  • Expect authenticity
  • Expect Out Of The box Thinking
  • Expect to quirk it up
  • Expect to mix business with pleasure

Support Sandra’s Quirky Community by subscribing to her www.youtube.com/quirkyboooksTV channel.

Everything Sandra does, in her life and business, is underpinned by her Embrace Your Quirky Philosophy – that is all about being your authentic self, in your life and business, to lead a happy, successful and fufilling existence. This is the philosophy she created in 2012, to free herself from depression without the need for medication.  She still uses it today, to live the life of her Quirky dreams, and she wants to help YOU to do the same.

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  • World Of Quirky is underpinned by Sandra Bellamy’s Embrace Your Quirky Philosophy

    World Of Quirky

    Be Your Authentic Self in your life and business, to live a happy, successful and fulfilling existence!