How Does Quirky Coaching Work Using The 6 Principles of Success?

How Does Quirky Coaching Work Using The 6 Principles of Success?


CONSULTING with YOU is the first stage in the 6 principles of Quirky Coaching success. It all starts with finding out more about you, your needs, your wants, your desires and your aspirations. This may be done in a verbal or written form, or both. This stage of the process in essential to finding out if Quirky Coaching is suitable for YOUR specific needs and for you to know what it would entail for you.


I hold an IAG – Information Advice and Guidance Diploma and am Insured to advise you, so you can be confident you are getting the best possible service.

After an initial, free consultation. I will advise you on the best course of action to suit your needs, including which combination of principles I feel would work best for you. The number of sessions and price will be discussed, and if you agree, a Coaching agreement, including your Principle combination, will be sent to you by post or email for you to sign and return, either by post or email. Payment for sessions, will be required before Coaching can commence. You will usually be sent an invoice via email to pay by Pay Pal or other methods can be discussed.


You can expect that Quirky Mentoring will usually form part of your Quirky Coaching service and this is where Quirky Coaching, differs very much to any other type of available coaching. Using a powerful combination of both Coaching, Mentoring, advice and guidance, your learning, knowledge and development, can be accelerated and propelled forward much faster than traditional Coaching. To be comfortable and happy with this type of Coaching, you need to be wanting my help, advice and guidance

Before booking a Quirky Coaching session, ask yourself:

  • Do you have a problem or challenge that you need help with?
  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like you are hitting your head against a brick wall?
  • Do you want to learn from a person who is experienced in what you need to know?
  • Do you need help, advice and guidance?
  • Do you want help, advice and guidance?
  • Are you willing to have help, advice and guidance?
  • Are you willing to work hard with your Quirky Coach to achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams?
  • Are you willing to set goals and take action?

If you answered YES to these questions, we are already half way there to solving your problem and I am keen to work with YOU!

You may discover, during the initial consultation, that pure Quirky Mentoring is more suitable and if so, I will refer you to my Quirky Mentoring service instead, and will advise you of the difference and what that would entail


Sandra Bellamy is a Quirky Life Coach and Quirky Business Coach, specialising in:

  • Embrace Your Quirky in your life and business to live a happy, successful and fulfilling existence
    • Lateral thinking solutions
    • NLP techniques
    • Affirmations.
  • Blogging for Business, health and happiness
  • Asexuality
    • Confidence
    • Self-esteem
    • Happiness
  • Being Single
    •  Confidence
    •  Self-esteem
    •  Happiness
  • Business Coaching
    • Business Start-up and development of existing an existing business
    • Business Marketing and Social Media strategies
    • Business names
  • Achieving your dream job
    • Goal setting
    • Organisation
    • Mindset
  • Getting back into work
    • Job Hunting and application; specialising in Retail
    • CVs
    • Cover Letters

Beware – This is no ordinary coaching experience. Experience the coaching difference like never before. You will receive groundbreaking all-in-one coaching and advising. Expect to be advised and guided to accelerate your learning and development using coaching techniques and be mentored at the same time.

Quirky Coaching is based on YOUR need to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Overcome a challenge
  • Move forward
  • Learn something you need to know
  • Develop yourself or your business in some way

There are plenty or traditional coaches offering their services, but traditional coaching does not work for everyone. Sometimes, having to come up with all of the answers yourself, can feel like hitting your head against a brick wall. Quirky Coaching, can stop that hitting your head against a brick wall feeling, and help you get where YOU need to go, faster.


I used to be a Blog and Social Media Peer Trainer for the NHS, I hold a PTTLS Level 4 Teacher/Trainer qualification, have done a Train the Trainer course, and run my own Blog Trainer UK business. Along with one-to-one training for both your personal and professional needs through Quirky Academy, incorporating Quirky Training and Quirky Marketing.

During your initial consultation, I will assess which combination of the 6 Principles of Success are relevant to your needs. It may be decided during that initial consultation, that you will need training in order get where you need to be and to do what you were born to do.I will advise you of what training you will need to undertake in order to fulfil your goals, ambitions and dreams and in order to progress within the Quirky Coaching sessions. These training courses, classes or workshops, will be an additional cost and may be taught on a one-to-one or group basis by me and will either form part of your agreement or you will be sent a separate agreement at a later date. You will receive a 10% discount of any of my courses, classes and workshops, while receiving coaching sessions by me, under a coaching agreement.

If during your Quirky Coaching sessions, it is felt you would benefit from some of my training courses to:

  • Help you to solve your problem
  • Move forward quicker in your life or business
  • Enhance your life
  • Develop yourself or your business in some way

But it was not part of your original consultation or agreement, I will advise you of which courses, classes or workshops would be suitable for you and you are in no way obligated to take a course with me or one outside her organisation that she may suggest to you* but it may slow your progress down if you don’t.

I may suggest a completely bespoke training session or package, designed and taught by me, especially for you and your needs. Course content and cost of any such training will be discussed, and another agreement and payment would be required before training can commence.


If you are having ongoing Quirky Coaching over a number of sessions, it is important to recap, take stock of where you are at, and evaluate your progress. At the end of your Quirky Coaching, I will send you a questionnaire to evaluate what you have gained from your Coaching sessions and what more you may need help with.

What now?

If you have tried traditional coaching before and it didn’t work for you, or you just want to try something different, why not give Quirky Coaching a try? Call me, Sandra now on 07932 7698970 or 01392 434202 for a free 20 minute consultation. If I am with a client, leave a message so I can call you back (*In the UK only).

“If you live outside of the UK, options for your free consultation can include Skype or other. Please contact me in the first instance, via email [email protected] or message me via here using the Contact form, on Facebook or Via Twitter I look forward to hearing from you.”

I am fully insured to teach, train, advise, consult, mentor and coach you within my own organisation. If I suggest a training course outside of my organisation, it is because I feel you would benefit from it. I will accept no responsibility for their actions, or lack thereof, and no liability for any loss, financial or otherwise, incurred by you, as a result of their training or other undertaking with them. If you have any difficulties I would like to be informed of them, to ensure they are removed from my future suggestions.



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